Embedded Computing

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Specialist in accelerating design cycles

QSeven modules based on:
NXP i.MX6, Renesas RZ/G1H, RZ/G1M,G1N and Intel/Altera Cyclone V
Single Board Computer based on:
NXP i.MX6, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and Renesas RZ/G1E
SO-DIMM Modules based on:
NXP i.MX6, NXP i.MX6 UL/ULL and Renesas RZ/G1E
Turnkey Design Services:
Hardware Expertise, FPGA Know-how and Software Specialist

F&S Elektronik Systeme

Embedded Boards with easy display interface

armStone: PicoITX formfactor, CortexA5+M4 / CortexA8 / CortexA9
PicoCOM: Very small and compact formfactor (40 x 50mm), ARM9 / CortexA5+M4 / CortexA9+M4 / CortexA7 
efus: Easy, Functional, Universal and Small (47 x 62mm), CortexA9 / CortexA9+M4 / CortexA53
QBliss: 70 x 70mm - Qseven Formfactor with CortexA9: short Boottime, very low power
PicoMOD: Interface riche design CortexA9 / CortexA5+M4


High performance SOM based on OMAP and i.MX6

NXP ARM Multi-core CortexA7
■  based on i.MX6UL and i.MX7
TI ARM Single-Core CortexA8
■ based on Sitara 3352/3354, 3505/3517 and AM3703/DM3730
NXP/TI ARM Multi-Core CortexA9
■ based on i.MX6 andOM4460
Qualcomm Multi-Core CortexA53
■ based on Snapdragon-410

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DFI MiniITX Apollo Lake

Reliable and cost-effective product portfolio

■ System-on-Modules: COM-Express / QSeven / SMARC / Carrierboards
■ Industrial Motherboards: 2,5" PicoITX / 3,5” SBC / 4" SBC / MiniITX / MicroATX / ATX / EATX
Industrial Computers: Fanless + High-Performance Industrial Computer / Heavy + Light Touch Panel PC 
■ Industrial Display & Solutions: Industrial Touch Monitor / Propietary Expansion Modules / Peripherals