TOBY-L4: the cellular modem with the most powerful application CPU

The extremely
powerful embedded CPU has 19000 DMIPS, allowing the development of complex and
demanding applications, such as Cat 6Wi-Fi hot spotting and in-car telephony. With no
processor bottleneck, the application can be scaled up as needed. The module
comes with an extremely comprehensive set of hardware interfaces (including
RGMII/RMII for Ethernet and analog audio) so that applications do not need
expensive external components, such as serial to Ethernet bridges or audio

Key highlights:

  • uCPU embedded Linux environment with 19000 DMIPS total processing power
  • Comprehensive set of interfaces including RGMII/RMII and analog audio
  • State of the art security implementation
  • Pre-integrated u-blox GNSS and Wi-Fi components
  • Temperature range –40° to +85°, with eCall setup up to +95°