Sodaq Kickstarter Introduces 6 u-blox Cellular based boards

Sodaq has chosen 3 u-blox modules to offer you a range of different connectivity options:

  • SARA-N211 NB-IoT, band 8 and 20, for the European and African market
  • SARA-R410M Dual mode LTE-M and NB-IoT module for all global bands
  • SARA-R412M Triple mode with LTE-M, NB-IoT and 2G for all global bands 


Including a GNSS Module for the position in two formfactors:

    It is an Arduino sized and compatible development board, that has the powerful Atmel SAM-D21 32 bit microcontroller on board and one of the 3 above modules. Basically it has all you need to develop a complete IoT solution with plenty of available I/O lines.
    A Small Form Factor (SFF) edition of the same board with reduced size to 55x25mm without sacrificing any of the functionality.


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