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Sodaq IoT Starterkit

This IoT Starterkit, is based on:

LTE Cat-M1 Celluar Module
supported with a Vodafone NB-IoT SIM Card.


Adelco onderdeel van Batenburg Techniek N.V.

Adelco gaat deel uitmaken van de divisie Industriële Componenten binnen Batenburg Techniek. De activiteiten van Adelco sluiten goed aan bij de bestaande activiteiten in de maakindustrie van Batenburg Techniek. De wederzijdse kennis en ervaring bieden een verbreding in het aanbod van diensten en in de klantenportefeuille.


Kyocera offers new models for outdoor use

Kyoto / Neuss – The Japanese technology group Kyocera, one of the  leading manufacturers of electronic products, has expanded its product range to  include three new LCDs that feature wide 170° horizontal and vertical viewing angles and extreme brightness of 1200cd/m², making them suitable for almost any interior or exterior application.

Smart Embedded P1

EDT - Speed up Your Development with Smart Embedded®

Our Smart Embedded Modules enables the user to add High End Graphics to any product in a very short time. The modules are highly integrated providing all necessary components to control the Display, the Touchscreen as well as the many Interfaces, with low power consumption.

  • 7-36Volt Input range
  • RS232, RS485, CAN, USB OTG, I2C, SPI, GPIO
  • SDRAM Framebuffer memory, Flash memory for Graphics
  • TouchGFX Graphic Framework for High End Graphics
  • Customizable to fit your exact needs

 Your Plug and Play Smart Touch Display Solution

We offer the whole planning, implementation and maintenance of your UX. When it comes to the creation of the UX design, you can
decide whether you want to create it by yourself or we should cover this with our design partners.

  Benefits ——————————————————————— Feature ———————————————————————  

          ♦ Excellent User eXperience

          ♦ Fastest time-to-market

          ♦ Low power consumption  

          ♦ Modern GUI-design

          ♦ Rapid Boot time

          ♦ Based on RTOS ensures fast system response


High Performance 1

High Performance displays from 3,5 - 10,1 inch

Using high efficient LED backlight technology, EDT has developed TFT modules with low power consumption yet high brightness. The design aims to produce less heat and can be optimizing the thermal dissipation performance of the backlight system. In addition, these series TFT modules can achieve long lifetime at high brightness.

EDT provides this series TFT modules for standard size range from 3.5” to 10.1”, typical brightness at 800 nits and with 70k hour lifetime. In sunlight or bright ambient light environments, this series TFT modules can preserve their colour fidelity and contrast, providing excellent image quality for various applications, such as outdoor instruments, home automation and commercial display.

Sodaq SARA

Sodaq Kickstarter Introduces 6 u-blox Cellular based boards

SODAQ introduces 6 new u-blox Cellular based boards, specifically for developers that want to explore the new cellular networks NB-IoT and LTE-M. NB-IoT already has a nationwide coverage in the Netherlands by T-Mobile and Vodafone, while in Q2 we are expecting KPN to offer complete coverage with LTE-M. In other countries similar rapid roll-outs rae taking place (like for instance Orange in Belgium and France). 



TOBY-L4: the cellular modem with the most powerful application CPU

The new TOBY-L4 series introduces LTE Advanced (Cat 6) modules with HSPA+ and 2G
fallback. Developers can host their applications directly in the module in a
configurable Linux OS, enabling customers to save the cost of an external CPU,
memory and peripherals in order to optimize the total cost.

Vera P

Meet VERA-P1 – the most flexible and best performing V2X modules in the market

June ‘17 we’re announcing the VERA-P1 series of compact, embedded 802.11p transceiver modules that enable development of electronics for Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communication systems. The modules, which come in automotive grade, are intended for traffic safety, intelligent traffic management, and driver convenience. The modules can be used for both in-vehicle units (OBU - On Board Unit) and infrastructure (RSU - Road Side Unit).



SARA-R4 multi-mode Cat M1 / NB1 module with global coverage

The SARA-R4 LTE Cat M1 series has expanded with its new SARA-R410M version that supports multi-mode LTE Cat M1 and Cat NB1.
At 16 x 26 mm, the SARA-R410M-02B is the world's smallest LTE Cat M1 / NB1 multi-mode module offered in a single hardware design with software-based global band configuration. The module will also support VoLTE over Cat M1, and is delivered in an LGA package for easy manufacturing.
In accordance with u-blox nested design, it is layout compatible with other u-blox form factors. LTE Cat M1 and Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) technologies are ideal for long life, low-maintenance, cost-sensitive, lower power consumption and extended battery life applications.



Mipot LoRa™ modules

LoRaWAN TRX module 32001353 operating at 868MHzSRD Band based on LoRa™ RF Technology, optimized for very long range, low consumption applications, suitable for Low Power Wide Area Network networks (LPWA).
Mipot Network Long Range TRX module 32001345, a LoRa™ Technology-based transceiver operating in the 868MHz SRD band, optimized for ultra-long range, low consumption applications, suitable for low power private networks.




Compact, ready‑to‑use NINA‑W1 Wi‑Fi modules support secure boot and latest security standards

NINA-W131 and NINA-W132 are ultra low power Wi‑Fi modules supporting 802.11 b/g/n in the 2.4GHz ISM band. They are the first two variants of the new NINA‑W1 module series. Developed with security and quick time‑to‑market in mind, the NINA‑W1 stand‑alone modules make Wi‑Fi integration easy. Their secure design makes them ideal for Wi‑Fi applications including telematics, low power sensors, connected buildings (appliances, surveillance etc.), point‑of‑sales, and health devices.

The NINA‑W1 modules provide top grade security, thanks to secure boot, which ensures the module only boots up with original u‑blox software. In addition, they will provide end‑to‑end security on the wireless link with the latest 802.11i (WPA2) standard and enterprise security to provide a secure connection to the infrastructure.

Device design is simplified as developers can choose to either use an external antenna (NINA‑W131) or take advantage of the internal antenna (NINA‑W132). Furthermore, the NINA‑W1 modules are pin compatible with the NINA‑B1 Bluetooth low energy modules, thus offering maximum flexibility for devices that are to offer multiple radio technologies. As with all u‑blox short range radio modules, the NINA‑W1 modules will be globally certified.

NINA‑W131 and NINA‑W132 are the first Wi‑Fi modules in the NINA‑W1 module series. The NINA‑W1 series will be expanded to include variants with Open CPU, Bluetooth connectivity, and additional hardware interfaces (RMII, CAN, SDIO, etc.).


u-blox integrated antenna GNSS Receiver eases embedded designs

Ultra‑compact SAM‑M8Q module speeds time to market for system developers of GNSS applications who have limited experience in RF and antenna design

By enabling remote devices to connect directly to 4G networks, the u‑blox SARA‑R410M will aid the rollout of Internet of Things (IoT) and machine‑to‑machine (M2M) applications, from smart metering to connected healthcare, and from industrial control and monitoring to smart buildings and cities.   The 16 x 26 mm form factor enables designers to keep device sizes to a minimum and is the same as u‑blox’ existing 2G and 3G modules. This means designers can easily migrate from earlier modules to take advantage of LTE Cat M1, without changing their circuit board designs. 



World’s smallest quad-band LTE Cat M1 module, ideal for multi-regional IoT and M2M applications

Low‑power u‑blox SARA‑R410M modules can be used in a broad range of markets including smart cities, connected healthcare and more.

By enabling remote devices to connect directly to 4G networks, the u‑blox SARA‑R410M will aid the rollout of Internet of Things (IoT) and machine‑to‑machine (M2M) applications, from smart metering to connected healthcare, and from industrial control and monitoring to smart buildings and cities.   The 16 x 26 mm form factor enables designers to keep device sizes to a minimum and is the same as u‑blox’ existing 2G and 3G modules. This means designers can easily migrate from earlier modules to take advantage of LTE Cat M1, without changing their circuit board designs.



ZOE‑M8G module is an ideal location sensor for wearables, drones and asset trackers

 Zoe-M8G is an ultra‑compact GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver module, especially designed for markets where small size, minimal weight and high location precision are essential.


Robust, thin and light

Kyocera’s new, extra-thin and extra-light LCD module is specifically designed for portable devices that are used in demanding industrial environments such as testing and measurement equipment, auto repair shops, medical diagnostics and marine applications.  



Adelco Electronics has joined the Mipot distribution network

Cormons (GO), 30th January 2017 – Today Mipot S.p.A. has announced that has selected Adelco as its distribution partner for the standard RF modules in the ISM bands for Benelux.


New range of TFT displays for easy design

Riverdi is an innovative company which uses cutting-edge technologies to provide solutions meeting today’s end user demands.
Within a few years on the market, we have managed to develop our own process of TFT modules production in Shenzhen and Poland that guarantees the highest quality and remains cost efficient.


efus A9X – The latest efus module with new Freescale ARM Cortex-A9 CPU

Within the efus family, a new module is now available based upon the Freescale i.MX6 SoloX processor using the ARM CortexA9 CPU.

The CPU of this efusA9X offers many acceleration functions for fast picture response, enabling animations and video playback. The new module is compatible to the existing efus A9 modules.


VAR-SOM-DUAL, i.MX6 DualLite 1GHz Cortex-A9

The VAR-SOM-DUAL small form factor System-on-Module carries an advanced feature-set and broad connectivity options, making it an ideal solution for customers and products in the embedded market. Staying on-trend with the market's shift towards a cost-effective highly integrated off-the-shelf solution, the VAR-SOM-DUAL from Variscite levels the playing ground for a broad spectrum of embedded products.


Dual-band Wi-Fi and dual-mode Bluetooth offered in a small, powerful, stand-alone module by u-blox


The versatile ODIN-W262 module is ideal for both point-to-multipoint cable replacement and IoT applications that need advanced multiradio capabilities.


u-blox launches ultimate indoor/outdoor positioning module NEO-M8L with integrated 3D sensors


First all-in-one GNSS module brings road vehicle systems to the next level of performance. 


Cyclone V QSeven (1)

iWave Systems launches Altera’s Cyclone V SoC based QSeven SOM

Adelco Electronics is glad to announce iWave Systems launch of the Altera’s Cyclone V SoC based QSeven System-on-Module.This SoC’s Dual ARM Cortex A9 CPU with the integrated FPGA fabric allows greater flexibility for the system designers to develop application specific proprietary controllers along with industry standard peripherals available from the multi core CPU.


Adelco Electronics is rewarded by EDT as Distributor of the Year 2013

EDT Distributor of the Year 2013 - Adelco Electronics from the Netherlands.


Variscite announces the support of Yocto over its iMX6 System-on-Modules

Variscite is pleased to announce the support of Yocto Daisy 3.10.53 release over all Variscite’s iMX6 embedded products.


Product Introduction - OLED Character REC004002A

Want to replace an old 40*2 STN for a new OLED display


New ultra-wide, sunlight readable, LED backlight LCD display.

SSD3625 is an innovative ultra-wide, sunlight readable, LED backlight LCD display. it provides LCD panel with specific ratios for digital signage, public transportation, exhibition hall, department store, vending machine and industrial applications. Incorporating with A.D. control board and backlight design, it is high brightness and sunlight readable panel, can display high-quality video with energy-efficient.


Adelco and Kyocera introduce the First 8.5” Super Wide Viewing Angle LCD with long life LED backlight

Utilizing the latest display technology, Kyocera’s new 8.5-inch LCD features WVGA resolution, long-life LED backlighting with low power consumption, up to 70,000 hours of operating time, and a viewing angle of 170 degrees horizontally and vertically, which covers the needs of a broad variety of different applications.


Adelco - Kyocera - 8.4 inch Wide Viewing Angle

The Japanese technology corporation Kyocera, a leading manufacturer in the field of electronic devices, is extending its product range by adding a new 8.4-inch Super Wide Viewing Angle SVGA LCD module.